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(Updated: September 17, 2012)
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Review by boon23 — October 11, 2007 @ 11:07 am


The edit:
Perfect. I found no glitch, no flaw, no plot hole. The story of Yuri Orlov works incredibly well, with the dumb love affair gone and the boring drug problems of his brother a lot reduced. In fact this was the movie as I would loved to have seen it in the first place. Strictly business, a little bit funny, full of drama and conflict and with a mood, where it gets hard to decide, which opinion is the right one or the wrong one. This is a very good and entertaining fanedit that improves the original movie IMO a lot. I recommend watching this. Although the movie is still no masterpiece and will not be legendary, probably even not as a fanedit, it still is NOW a real good movie with a genuine mood. I love my Nicky Cage. :)

editing: 5 of 5
entertainment: 5 of 5

Image quality:
The conversion to h264 did cost a tiny little bit of sharpness, still the image quality, especially for a fanedit is superb.
video quality: 5 of 5

Audio quality:
Now the audio was reduced to 128bit stereo, which shows a bit, but is not distracting at all. There are no audio flaws at all, which is a relief compared to so many other fanedits.
audio: 4 of 5

The DVD:
Well, I created it myself, so I cannot rate it.

resulting in a 5 of 5 overall rating from me. This is an awesome fanedit and shows a lot of talent and expertise from the faneditor GEKKO. I was really impressed in watching such a professional work of art. Now if only he would produce DVDs instead of h264 and especially audio with higher bitrate, I would be perfectly happy. But you can't have it all, right?
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