Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Feanor Edition

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Feanor Edition
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More serious and maturer, with better pacing and more faithful to Tolkien's book.
To make the most faithful edit of Tolkien's book.
Additional Notes:
Regarding the tech info. It was my first edit but I wanted the best quality in video and sound. The source of the video was a BD and the edit is presented in 1080p (also 720p). For the audio, I wanted DTS sound. That was tricky but in the end I learned how to do it. It's more complex than AC3 but it can be done and the final results are good. The spanish subs. were a pain. Anyway, I hope it will be welcome for all the spanish speaking viewers. List of programs; Sony Vegas SurCode DVD DTS Audacity mochapro MeGUI mkvmerge Adobe After Effects foobar2000 SubtitleEdit Photoshop
Other Sources:
Some audio and video from The Return of The King.
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720p MKV
Editing Details:
I liked, more or less, the original movie but, also, I profound dislike some licenses that they did and they are way different than the book (in fact, some of them are the exact opposite).

And it's not only the story changes but also the tone of the book. No offense here, but the original movie is in the line of Disney (just an example) when it could be as HBO Game of Thrones (just an example). Take Gimli as an example. Do you imagine Tyrion Lannister "The imp" falling off all the time in comic way and with a childishness sense of humour? Me neither.

That's why I decided to edit the movie trying to make it the most faithful to the book as possible.

Now it's not only a closer movie to the book in terms of story but also in tone (more serious).

For the last version I learned rotoscoping. That allow me to do some key changes in order to be more faithfull. There are 10 new FX shots.

All together, took me hundreds of hours to do it.
Cuts and Additions:
There to many to make the list (more than 150). I'm going to put the most relevant.

No osgiliath.
Ents decided to go to war.
Faramir quality improved.
No elves at Helm's Deep.
Theoden vastly improved.
No more Gimli's jokes.
Many characters improved.
Arwen stays in middle earth.
No more Legolas' stunts.
Eomer is not banished.
Altered root scene (when Merry & Pip are drinking Treebeard's water).

Aragorn scouting.
Faramir's temptation.
Cover art by mukankakuna (DOWNLOAD HERE) image


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(Updated: October 13, 2012)
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Finally watched the completed version. I have seen two previous versions on the way to the final product, and I've been quite excited about how it would turn out, as I like a lot of what Mukankakuna tries to do.

In the end, I'm pretty happy. Not totally convinced that I won't ever finish my own version of the film, but this comes the closest so far to the vision that I have myself.

Video - very nice indeed. and no little quirks anywhere. Great quality in general.

Narrative - the most important part.
Rohan - massive improvement, very good story editing around all the characters here.
Ents - best edited "ents-decide-to-go-to-war" that anyone has produced, and way better than my own version.
Sam and Frodo, mostly good changes, but much of the story is intact here.
Faramir - wow, bold and interesting choices that give us a feeling for the character without him really saying much at all. I'm not so fond of the release taking part in a city setting where Sam is carrying a backpack, because 'huh? How did they get there?'

Quibbles: "They will flee to Helm's Deep" is a very short part with Saruman/Grima and then we jump to Fangorn and then on again. The flow of the story suffered here, and it doesn't match the flow of the rest of the movie.
The horse charge down the bridge is still there and I dislike it a lot.
There were some quick audio changes during the assault on Helm's Deep. Those are hard to get to. It worked fine.
Erm, something more I'm sure, but nothing that really matters.

I recommend this to just about everyone. It does so much right in how it presents the story and the characters in it. It is the version I would watch again if I'm going to see TTT.

Have to look at what he is doing with RotK...

Great job!

Updated review the day after, just a small fix.
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