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(Updated: September 17, 2012)
Review by Fast Eddie — September 9, 2009 @ 1:39 pm

I have seen this cut, and after having seen the four previous releases, i think they all are near perfect, and far better than the comercial films, or extended cuts. Sad sometimes th flow is not soft as one would desire, but they are as best as possible, and flashes of genius.

Only one thing about this Book V, on the negative side: when Rohirrim arive at Pellenor… i think it would be much much much better leaving the cut from de extended edition, when Witch King “hears” the sound of the horns, and we move to the battefield to see them. I know the reason to do this, but in the end, the scene that follows (with Eowyn and Merry) doesn’t add anything remarckable. I think this is the only thing i would change from this edit, and from the five books.

I’m waiting for Book VI !!!!!

Congratulations, Kerr.
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