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(Updated: September 17, 2012)
Review by Sunarep — September 19, 2009 @ 12:50 am

Congratulations Kerr it was a good ride!
some scenes seemed to drag a bit cause it is a lot of frodo and sam walking and talking and this was initially the reason i didn’t watch the thing because i forgot that you added shelob and was under the impression it’s just two towers scenes: walking without osgiliath
but to get in the mood for your fabulously looking part V i watched it and after the 10 minute mark i was totally in this movie
the faramir departure worked better than anticipated but still felt a little of – i really missed the flashback from the extended edition
but minas morgul was phenomenal – especially how you managed the shelob – sam thing, wow… i never thought it was possible!

8/10 because it has some drags… still great entertainment now… book V!!!!
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