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(Updated: September 17, 2012)
Review by white43 — May 17, 2009 @ 12:38 pm

I downloaded and watched the AVI version last night.

I can happily report that the kerr’s seemless editing is still highly present

I noted no issues as such with audio or video editing at all. For an AVI, the picture quality was great – but I’m not so bothered anyway as the DVD will inevitably follow.

I felt the story flowed rather well. Pacing was good and I certainly didn’t bore of Sam and Frodo for an hour odd. There were a couple changes that I was really looking forward to –

- Faramir lets the Hobbits go and doesn’t take them to Osgiliath
- Frodo doesn’t tell Sam to leave while climbing to Shelob’s lair.

These changes work impressively well. I was really surprised at how well the latter worked. Aside it being a little odd that Sam seems to take ages to catch up with Gollum and Frodo at the entrance to Shelob’s lair, the next cut which then shows Sam threatening Gollum, Gollum screeching and Sam then plumetting down the steps is excellent. Well done!

Other things I liked was Frodo not falling in the water, Smeagol’s tale being placed after Frodo calls Gollum Smeagol and less fighting with Shelob for Sam.

Of course Faramir letting them go early was good as well. All in all I actually enjoed this a little better than Book 3 which for me had a couple issues. This one didn’t at all.

So 10/10 from me – I look forward to the DVD.
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