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(Updated: September 17, 2012)
Review by mullholland665 — July 15, 2010 @ 6:06 am

Pretty damn good. This is the most radically changed edit in the series so far yet is mostly a success.

Really thoughtful editing with the characters here. Aragorn is stronger and continues to look like he really might be king, we have no Arwin romantic nonsense, and the humor is toned down to a level that’s believable. I loved that the story extended to Saruman’s final big scene, Pippin’s encounter with the Sauron in glass Orb, and then the low key ending with Pippin being whisked away by Gandalf as an early prelude to the battle Minas Tirith.

Only one major problem for me: the Ents marching to war so early in the edit. Reasembling all the Ent and Treebeard scenes in the forest
into once sequence during the early part of this fanedit does work for the most part and is faithful to the book. But the timing of the narrative is then thrown right out of whack by the final shots in this sequence, in which the Ents start marching on Isengard which looks to be only about 10 miles away. Surely this departure of the Ents and the two Hobbits from the forest could have been inserted later in the edit, closer to the time of the Ents actual arrival at Isengard? I know these are book edits, but in my opinion this disconnect in the screenplay is too major a problem to justify.

This gets 8/10 from me. There is much that is worth watching and I’m looking forward to Part 4!
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