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(Updated: September 16, 2012)
Review by Brumous — June 7, 2011 @ 2:54 am

In Book II, Kerr accomplishes some major rearranging, cutting and consolidation. Peter Jackson’s creepy creature moments are trimmed down to something more closely resembling Tolkien’s portrayals. Gandalf’s flashback to Isengard is masterful. The alterations to Aragorn’s character are completely persuasive, and the deletion of the Arwen subplot is welcome. The Lothlorien scenes with Galadriel and Frodo have a stronger sense of eerie grace and supernatural wisdom. In all, the changes make this episode flow at a stirring pace.

There were a few moments where the continuity and flow were a bit choppy, more so than in Book I. Particularly at the conclusion. But at the same time I agree with most of the editor’s choices and feel he did the best he could with the material that was available.

By streamlining and consolidating, Kerr has created a Book II edit that’s even more emotionally resonant than the original. Tolkien tapped into deep cultural archetypes, and that comes through more powerfully in this version. 10/10.
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