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(Updated: January 16, 2014)
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So I gave this a miss in theatres as I read how bad it was but I was curious to see if a fan edit could make it tolerable. Well, it still didn't work for me but it's no fault of Modernknife. The quality of the video was very good but some of the edits were a little obvious - but I'm sure Modernknife did the best with what they had to work with. I thought the audio was very good as well. The narrative took some turns that were a little awkward and sudden. I had an issue with the production quality of the opening montage which I felt to be sub-par. I do really like the idea behind it and wish it had been more professional looking. It reminded me of the opening of Superman (1978) which I really like. One last quibble would be the exclusion of the majority of the end credits as I'm kind of a fan of credits if only for the play-out music.

On the whole a good effort but I just didn't enjoy the film. Note that I bumped my Enjoyment rating from 4 to 7 as I did enjoy the quality of the edit, just not the film and I didn't want to bring the final rating down just because I didn't like the movie.

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