Logan Gothic

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Logan Gothic
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A Southern Gothic Fairy Tale With Music by Johnny Cash
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Logan battles his primal paternal intuition as he makes his way through a dark fairy tale landscape filled with southern gothic grotesqueries. As his health fails him he finds himself operating on instincts he thought long lost, as if his destiny were already decided. As he passes into the realm of myth he finally realizes what he had been fighting for all those years.
My intention was to bring the tone of Logan closer to that of the original trailer that featured Hurt by Johnny Cash. I also wanted to bring to the forefront the film's themes of art influencing life vs. life influencing art, and the determinism of fairy tales and myths. What resulted is a film much more immersed in its Southern Gothic stylings and focused more on atmosphere. The film has also been completely re-scored with Country and Folk music and some minor exposition and narrative elements have been reduced.
Other Sources:
- The Night of the Hunter
- The Elephant Man
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Cuts and Additions:
- Completely re-scored
- Shortened opening fight
- Removed dialogue of Logan saying "I don't like guns" (28:36)
- Removed unrealistic gun "cocking" when bad guys attack Logan (34:35)
- Removed dialogue of nurse saying Laura is Logan's child (51:53)
- Shortened shot of Laura's medical record so it's not explicit that Logan is the DNA host (56:04)
- Shortened scene of Laura in Munson boy's room (1:18:37)
- Removed Laura's first speaking scene (1:37:46)
- Lessened Laura's dialogue (1:41:35)
- Lessened Laura's dialogue (1:44:24)
- Removed child dialogue (1:45:54)
- Added footage of stars
- Lessened Laura's dialogue (1:51:28)
- Removed Laura's line "then I'll be fine" (1:53:45)
- Trimmed some footage and dialogue from the border crossing scene
- Removed cut to children during Logan's death scene (2:08:40)
Logan - Rusty Cage (Johnny Cash)

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(Updated: March 15, 2020)
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I had the pleasure of reviewing this edit for the Academy/IFDB.

An outstanding edit. Honestly one of the best I've seen. The rescoring is excellent, and I'm a sucker for Johnny Cash. I didn't have any problems with this movie initially, but after reading the cutlist I think the removal of Laura's dialogue and exposition was a good choice.

I recommend for everyone to check out this edit, and look forward to seeing what dannydangle will create in the future!

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