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A very nice edit of one of my favourite Bond films. The cuts are very well placed and the flow of the film is much better than in the theatrical cut, in my opinion. It seems a lot more focused and also closer to Timothy Dalton's style regarding the use of humour eg. one-liners etc.

The only complaint I have - and it's a very minor one - is that the deletion of Felix Leiter makes the scene with the girls who take Bond for a ride seem a bit odd. However, this is clearly stated in the editor's comments regarding "changes". The way that particular scene plays out in the edit makes it look like it is simply a coincidence that these two girls show up and get Bond out of danger. But again, it is a minor complaint and I'd much rather have this somewhat strange short scene than any of that Felix Leiter nonsense. I guess it had to be done ;-)

Overall, I highly recommend this edit if you are a fan of Dalton's Bond.

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