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Good times for Bond fans: instead of a really great edit of Live and Let Die, now we have two of them (the other one being MusicEd's Less is Moore edition). Both remarkable, and whether you favor one or the other will likely depend on your personal preference. As for myself, there are bits I prefer in this and bits I prefer in Ed's, but if I had to choose (the great thing is that I don't), I'd give the edge to this one because it managed to keep Rosie Carver in the story in a way that removes her worst traits, and in consequence Quarrel Jr. is properly fully kept as well (for more on my thoughts about these characters, please take a look at my review of Ed's version). Also, Kananga's death manages to feel less abrupt in this cut by virtue of one extra shot for improved flow.

I have to mention, though (and this is something I discussed directly with Lapis, who gave their reasoning for keeping it, which half makes sense but still plays as somewhat odd to me), that for my tastes a small goof in character behavior has been introduced by keeping Rosie yet not having her sleep with Bond in the bungalow: in the subsequent boat scene, at some spots their body language and attitude is that of two people who most definitely have slept together. How much of that may be down to me knowing how the original scene played, I'm not certain. But still found it a bit distracting.

Later on, this edit tends to keep some more material than Music Ed's, much of which I have no strong opinion for or against, playing equally well to me. Be warned that Sheriff Pepper stays, although considerably trimmed. Now, maybe his scene could be reduced a bit more, but to be honest now he comes across as possessing something loosely resembling bearability. Also, the gag of the boats landing into the rich white guys' swimming pool is still present. Personally I would have lost it, but still no big deal.

Nitpicks aside, really great job. Remarkably well edited too, with a couple of dubbed lines working absolute wonders (the repurposed "It's a warning" for Rosie, and the way the puzzling Queen of Cups plot hole has been solved). Creativity at its finest. And the technical aspects are impeccable.

A much improved version of a weak (for my tastes) Bond film, which again would go up a few spots of appreciation if originally released this way. Highly recommended.
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