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Not entirely relevant to the edit, but this movie has possibly my favorite fanedit dvd coverart, and you gave it a great, fitting new name. The vodka bottle design is very creative and works perfectly.

About the edit, seamless. I didn't notice any edits, and there were lots. You made great choices. Cutting the girl made this version already much better than the original. I'm not even sure exactly what else was done, but the pacing was better, and everything just seemed more realistic for Denzel's character. I also agree that the original ending was pretty bleh, and I like yours better.

Enjoyment: 9
Original: 7

This fanedit is a significant improvement over the original. Flight was a basic standard drama that doesn't really stand out at all and I probably would never have watched again. I liked this version better and would watch it again.

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Owner's reply December 20, 2013


Thank you so much for your detailed review. I'm glad you liked the coverart. The idea to use the vodka bottle just hit me. Fellow members njvc and g1orkatsos helped me out a bit with polishing the cover art. And as far as the title goes: All credit goes to Neglify, he came up with that genius name!

I'm glad that you enjoyed edit and I appreciate you taking the time to both watch it and to write a review.

- Gatos

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