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first off, the A/V looked fantastic. and zero noticeable A/V cuts/changes.
i thought the studio's Flight was incredibly boring and not be honest i fell asleep halfway through and have never revisited it.
which is why i was kindof excited to see Liquid because i wanted to see if i would enjoy it any more.
short answer . . yes.
gone is the confusing and distracting story of the girl that i didn't care much for to begin with. we focus on a talented and troubled pilot and because of that (and probably the shorter run time) i was able to make it to the end completely awake. i originally had the story as a 9, but then i considered what was removed and how the story was still on par.
i rate the studio movie really low (below five easily) so my enjoyment really jumped with Gatos' version here.
i was hoping for a special feature with the girl or maybe something at the end of the credits showing Whip's prison time. the transition in music at the very end for the credits was a little harsh too. but those two things are only personal preferences.
good on you, Gatos. you successfully fumigated a stinker.

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