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Overview - Overwritten, over-acted, overwrought. Lifeforce was the Swiss knife of Horror/SciFi/Apocalypse rolled into one howling package. That said, it has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, and I have watched it repeatedly in ever better formats. Dollar theater, VHS, Laserdisc, DVD. Sound and picture get better, story stays ridiculous. JetSetWilly puts the hammer down on pace, trimming superfluous dialogue, tightening the action.

Video - Technically excellent. Cuts are seamless. Lifeforce was always visually dark and all the blacks are solid.

Audio - Fine 2 channel stereo. I had a problem in one scene but JSW fixed that. Dialogue clear throughout.

Narrative - Ten minutes cut, and I had some concerns. Not to worry, most seemed like useless introductions, explaining who was who. Viewers will figure roles out in minutes. Otherwise, the narrative is tighter than the original and the story doesn’t mess around. A thriller that touches a lot of bases.

Enjoyment - Heck yeah! Nudity, zombies, spaceships, gun battles, Fallada's death-talk jive mumbo jumbo, Mathilda May in her absolute prime, cool Henry Mancini score, a movie that reeks of 80s excess. Sex, mayhem, superstition, science. Don't even get me started on Railsback.
What’s not to love?
A terrific edit of a B-picture that tried too hard and ended up absurd.
Thinking of Miss May, I say two tips up for JetSetWilly’s Lifeforce Web Of Destiny.

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