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(Updated: September 11, 2022)
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Can't find it anywhere. I'd like to abide by the TOS of the site but I am not sure how to contact Problem Eliminator (if you click his name you just get a list of his fan edits). I have been able to find some other fan edits of his online, but not this one. All the reviews are fairly recent too, so people are getting their hands on it somehow.

Anyways, If Problem Eliminator happens to see this review. please consider privately sending a link... I'll adjust my review, as well. Thanks.

I've always considered this one of the weakest 007 films, so it'd be nice to see it get an upgrade. TBH, it's really a shame fan edits are so difficult to find. Its all made far worse by studios who really hate it that we "commoners" can often put out a better final product than they can. Star Trek fans have been hit hardest by this legality crap, Even a bunch of excellent original fan projects were devestated by CBS & Paramount's legal actions).

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