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FanFix March 11, 2023 1479
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I love this edit. And the trailer the editor made is what sold me. Watch the trailer.
The edit is in a crisp 1080p with 5,1 audio.
The visuals of Ridley Scott's films pretty much always blow me away, and they get to really shine here. The childish humor is gone. A dreamlike, but also very intense and dark fairy tale remains. The editor made seamless edits and cuts. If it has been a long time since you've watched your copy of Legend or the Director's Cut version of it, this edit is easily the shelf-replacer. The story is streamlined with plenty of cuts that would otherwise slow things down, but the core throughline of the plot remains intact. The pacing is seamless. This edit really is amazing. The visuals from both versions of the film are edited together and used to superb effect, and so is the music and score replacement. If you weren't really a fan of the official versions, or just want to see a really, really good alternative cut that feels sinister in tone throughout, you need to see this version.

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