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Preservation June 10, 2022 669
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Well I enjoyed the theoretical editions of the Kill Bill franchise I did find that they were a little slow in some areas and anticlimactic in others however Lantern51’s upscaled version of Leeroy’s edit restructures the narrative to form a more linear and focused plot line getting to the meat of the narrative and bloodstained action with the custom titlecard fitting the bloodstained nature of the edit and along with the banishment of those chapter texts these were very welcome changes that enhanced the pacing and viewing experience.

Ellie’s introduction into the plot is much better handled painting her as a dishonourable, cunning and efficient assassin from the get go willing to deceive even her own boss to absolve herself of the slaying of Budd who I am still surprised came the closet to killing the protagonist despite his physique and implied loss of skill in some ways I felt the plot nerfed him a bit by decreasing his intelligence stat though that’s not a criticism against the Faneditors just an observation I have with how the theoretical second film portion handled that particular character.

There were a lot of smooth transitions throughout that helped to keep the plot moving and there bridging from one scene to another felt natural with honourable mentions going to the transition from the cold emotional place of icy death to the dry barren emotion of the heated landscape, other than the ranging transitioning emotions it also has that nice fire and ice dynamic thematically speaking with the other honourable mention being the crossfade used for the Mosquito ughaaha those things make my skin crawl.

There are a few audio cuts though these are very subtle and are a problem with the source material not the fan edit itself otherwise I would say that this is a major improvement over said source material.

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