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2003 / 2006
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This edit combines material from Southland Tales and The Rundown to tell the story of two souls who travel to the 4th dimension, the rest is completely open to interpretation.
I've tinkered with this edit for a long time. It started almost as a dare from a friend, but the idea wouldn't leave me alone until I finished it. These are clearly 2 very different films that only share the same leads, but I hope you find the edit entertaining, cathartic, and maybe even a bit thought-provoking. If not, at least it's the shortest feature-length edit I've done.
Other Sources:
"Suit & Tie" by Justin Timberlake music video
Various music added, which is listed in the closing credits
Special Thanks:
Anthony, for cursing me with the idea.
Release Information:
Lazarus (Password: teenhorniness)

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