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Well I just finished watching this fanedit and I thought it was great.

The Edit: Whenever I watch a fanedit its pretty much my policy to read as little about it as possible before watching. I stay away from other people’s reviews, and I don’t look at the cutlist. So this was the approach I took when watching the edit.

I really liked the start of this edit. I never liked the whole airplane scene, it almost seemed like a Fight Club rip off (when Ed Norton’s character says he has fantasies about a mid-air plane crash).

Most of the scenes that were removed from the film I didn’t miss at all. The singing off “Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady” at the funeral. Large working at the Asian Fusion restaurant. Large getting pulled over by the cop (who ends up being his high school friend). It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy these scenes in the original but it didn’t affect the story (or rather their removal aided L8wrtr’s vision for the edit).

I enjoyed all the new songs that were added and really felt that they “fit.” Sometimes new songs in fanedits, or even soundtracks in original movies are just a bit off and don’t seem to be a good match. This was definitely not the case with the new songs. I was also happy that some of my favorite songs from the original were left intact.

I am so glad that the scene of Large screaming at the top of the quarry was removed. My biggest problem with the original is that one scene. It just came off as very corny to me.

I liked the new ending. Although I really have no problem with the original ending, I guess that one line “this is it, this life” is a bit contrived. Although I did miss the song used in the original ending: Frou Frou’s song Let Go but I am an Aimee Mann fan too. Her cover of “One is the Loneliest Number” fit perfectly with the ending montage showing all the people in Large’s life alone.

The only thing I really didn’t like in this edit, was the spill over of Method Man’s voice into the next scene, where he gives the instructions to go to the quarry, and you see Large, Mark and Sam park and walk through the hole in the fence. I know this technique is present in a lot of films, but in this specific instance, I thought at the very least it should have been a bit shorter (maybe removed the part about “im gonna call the guy right now, he’ll be expecting you”).

Video and Audio Quality were great. However there is a noticeable difference with the deleted scenes (at least the one with his father). There is obviously not much that can be done about that and the reinsertion of these scenes was vital to the edit.

Special Features: The “About the Edit” section contained a thorough explanation of L8wrtr’s intention with this fanedit. After “watching” (reading) this section of the DVD, I found myself very impressed with the amount of thought that went into this edit. L8wrtr seems to have a very analytical mind when it comes to the themes and tones of films.

In my opinion L8wrtr successfully achieved his goal with this fanedit. It was great to watch and I would say from an entertainment and enjoyment perspective it is equal to the original film.

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