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This edit has so much heart!

The original is very personal to me and is a part of a different me from another time.

When L8wrtr and I started discussing the fact that he was revising this edit and upgrading it and allowed me the honor of creating the art, it didn't even register.

I had completely forgotten that I even watched this movie when it came out. His sentiments about how personal the edit was to him didn't help me remember. Spence's comment that it was his favorite L8wrtr fanedit didn't jog my memory.

It mirrored my life in many ways at that time. I really connected with it. I loved it for a while, jumped up and down waving my arms, screaming about how great it was to anybody who would tolerate me...for quite a while. It had its not great moments but was overall brilliant. However, life happened, as it does, and it just kind of drifted out of my awareness.

One day, several years ago, I was at a thrift store looking at movies while I waited for my friend to finish working out next door. I bought like 12 or more for a few dollars each. Garden State was one of them. I got it because it had Natalie Portman in it. I've been into her since Beautiful Girls which is another character study like this one. Anyway, I didn't remember the movie from before. I never got around to watching it. It ended up in a box that remained unpacked when I moved.

When L8wrtr and I started talking about this edit, I remembered that I had it so I unpacked that box. Found it and a few others that I forgot about. I didn't watch it because I wanted to go into his edit cold. My memory wasn't sparked when I read the back liner or the art that I accumulated to do his cover.

The moment I started watching his edit, I was transported back in time. I have lots of ideas about the edit but I'm going to limit them because he is revising and upgrading. The music choices that L8wrtr made changed the vibe to become an even more intimate (to me) revelation.

I only have one small complaint. I love that he used The Airborne Toxic Event's Sometime Around Midnight in the beginning. I wish that it hadn't died just when it was getting to the build. I think the song could have faded into the background of the party as if it were on a radio. The other music choices were genius and truly added to the ambience that L8wrtr was after.

I love the way the added scenes and excised scenes change the vibe. Especially those in the beginning. It is deeper and more intimate and is a perfect example of how editing can completely change a movie.

I watched the edit twice before watching the original bluray, and I still love the original, however. L8wrtr has definitely created a much more beautiful and soulful tapestry on which Large and Sam and their interpersonal dynamic with all of its character defects, and sad nuances play out. We even shed a tear at the end.

It was as if he reintroduced me to a long lost friend. Watching it took me back to another me and another life. It felt odd because so much has changed in my life. It is amazing that this movie struck a chord with him. So many people wouldn't quite get it. But all of us did.

Anyone not moved by this edit needs to check themselves for a pulse.

Anyway...Wow! Blown away!

Very anxiously anticipating the revised version!

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