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Having grown up watching Ladyhawke from a very young age, it was one of my mother's favorite movies, I have a lot of nostalgia for this film and the original score. While the original score is very much a product of the time, to me, it is still a great score. That being said, when I came across this edit, I was very interested to see what the viewing experience would be like with Jerry Goldsmith's Lionheart score.

First off, the sound editing for this movie far exceeded my expectations. There are very few instances where the sound effects are lowered or removed completely, but nothing that is distracting in any way. The dialogue is clear and the musical levels are good. I was surprised by how well the music matches up thematically in certain scenes. So kudos to the editor for hitting those marks.

To me watching this reminded me a lot of the Legend debate in terms of score. If you grew up with the contemporary Tangerine Dream score you probably prefer that vs the Jerry Goldsmith score which is more classical in approach. Having grown up with Ladyhawke, it's very hard for me to remove the memory of the original score and it still is probably the preferred version for me.

Overall though, I did enjoy watching this. While the Lionheart score can also feel a little dated at times, it definitely is a more classical approach and provides an interesting alternative to the film. Great job to the editor and thank you for putting this together!

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