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Ladyhawk. A great Richard Donner adventure that time has not been kind to...

When first released in theatres way back in 1985, Ladyhawk felt fresh, fun and exciting. Powerhouse critics Siskel & Ebert both gave it a THUMBS UP; saying it had the potential to be "a classic". And yet, in Richard Donner's impressive pantheon of films, Ladyhawk often seems to neglected, forgotten or ridiculed by many modern movie lovers.

Why? Critics of the film usually point their disapproving finger at two things... Matthew Broderick's performance and the pop/rock soundtrack.

If you fall into this camp, then MusicEd has the Fan Edit for YOU!

While I personally enjoy many aspects of the original movie soundtrack, there is no doubt it instantly dates the film to it's 1980s origins and might feel at odds with the film's Medieval setting to the contemporary viewer.

But not anymore! MusicEd has arduously and meticulously replaced the original soundtrack with works of one of the greatest film composers ever -- Jerry Goldsmith!!! Ed has used Goldsmith's LIONHEART soundtrack with magical skill and has created a very different and wonderfully entertaining viewing experience.

As for Broderick? Again, Ed has mercifully trimmed back some of the more egregious moments, but in the end, there is only so much one can do without undermining the narrative.

The technical achievement here can not be understated. Audio replacement and film re-scoring is an extremely difficult task, that requires a great ear and exceptional patience. And while there are a few brief moments here and there in the fan edit where the viewer can hear the distinct tinny warble after effect of audio removal in some pieces of dialogue, this fan edit stands as a very impressive piece of work.

MusicEd taken a movie that very much felt like a product of the 80s and has given it a classic timeless quality.


Thumbs Up for a new generation!


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