L8wrtr Wins FEOTM February 2017

L8wrtr’s first edit in five years proves taking a break doesn’t necessarily mean you are rusty at your craft. His take on The Hobbit Trilogy takes the win for February 2017!

From the editor:

There and Back again turns the three films into two volumes which focuses on Bilbo’s adventure, but in context of Thorin’s journey as well. Their stories are intertwined so this edit seeks to strip away as many elements as possible that interfere with their respective stories. This is not a ‘book’ cut that seeks to conform to the novel, so it maintains many of the added story elements that help it serve as a prequel or bridge to Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, but they are reduced and tightened up so as to not interfere with the primary focus of Bilbo’s journey.

Congratulations to L8wrtr for winning the Favorite Edit of the Month February 2017!

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