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Terrific work.

Having not seen the original film for 5 or 6 years, it was distant enough in my memory for me not to get nitpicky about exactly what was missing and just enjoy the ride.

This edit is an excellent example of a how a change of emphasis to a good film can yield a fanedit with really interesting results, provided the narrative is treated with utmost respect. And that's what Neglify is done here.

Firstly, I felt that I totally understood Bud and Lynn's relationship - no more footage was needed. And secondly, the story ended in exactly the right place - very powerful. These two changes put the film's focus back more on Ed's story, and to very good effect.

Technically it's great - no seams or bumps that I could see/hear.

Wouldn't mind a nice x264 encode in addition to the DVD9 however. The pic would be a little sharper.

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