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(Updated: October 01, 2012)
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I watched an MP4 of this wich has good PQ for an MP4.
There are volume issues where action scenes are generally louder than dialog scenes, but this is due to the source wich has a fair bit more dynamic range than I care for, no fault of the editor, so Neg loses no points here, but I wanted to mention it.
Nice job on the "recut" title addition, looks just right.
I felt that the scene where Bud confronts Lynn about Ed and the Photos didn't have
as much emotional weight as in the Theatrical version, probably because of the reduced
screen time between Bud & Lynn, then again with the different approach/ending it makes more sense in the context of the edit.
I think the end credits come on a bit too soon, if it we're my edit I would have tried to have the
sounds of the cop cars arriving and what not continue for maybe 10 seconds after the screen fades to black, then bring in the credits/music for a more atmospheric conclusion.

A very nice alternative to the original version for those who want a grittier movie with less romance. Do I think it's better than the original? No, I think they both work equally well, I'll watch this edit again!

Well done, Neg. :-)
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