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(Updated: September 13, 2012)
May 17, 2011

I don’t have a lot to say but wanted to drop a quick line in support of some of the efforts made here by Kevinicus. 1st, loving the AVCHD. I hope to see many future HD edits. I’ll be quite content if I never have to watch any SD content again for as long as I live. 2nd, the technical work on the edit looked great. I didn’t catch any obvious sound, video, or editing flaws.

(spoiler!!)My main criticism is story related and possibly unavoidable? The over-the-top flip kick on one foot to finish the end fight just ruined the whole ending for me and left a sour taste in my mouth for what was otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable movie. It would have been a lot to handle even in the kind of action movie where such a thing is expected, but in this serious drama it just kills me to look at it! I wonder if there is a creative way to tone that down so it just looks more like a cool kick instead of a flip?

In any event, strong work.
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