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FanMix July 04, 2012 8096
(Updated: September 13, 2012)
March 1, 2010

I never saw this movie in the theater because of how terrible the other remake of the original “King Kong” was. So I had no frame of reference or pre-conceived notions for this edit. I was actually very excited to DL this FE and watch it.

As bobschebaldi said, the technical aspects of this one is excellent. No rough cuts etc noticeable and the audio/video quality is perfect – as I have come to expect from TMBTM. I saw no “plot holes” or “huh?’ moments via the editing. Great job!

As far as the movie itself, I just don’t care for it. (This has nothing to do with TMBTM’s edit or ability). I am not quite certain why, but this movie just couldn’t keep my entire attention (I found myself surfing the net and skimming through the FE forum while I watched this movie). Maybe it’s the “over the top acting” from most of the main characters; maybe it’s the script; and it’s probably a lot because of Jack Black – I’m just not sure why I didn’t care for the movie.
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