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The most padded version of the hairy thunderer gets a makeover. The film is given the black n white treatment, as well as much needed pruning.

Video - 720 X 480p AVC. This was the mp4 file. Editing is excellent, though the picture is not always solid. Again, this was an SD file and one expects lower quality. Many of the dinosaur scenes still look like garbage. When Ann Driscoll is running head to head with the 'saur it is fake looking. Increasing grain may have smoothed this.

Audio - 82 kbps (variable) AAC, 2 Channel. No subs. Dialogue is discernible.

Narrative - Despite losing a third of the running time, the structure holds together. Pacing still feels sluggish, however

Enjoyment - Yes, I know Gekko cut over an hour. It is still too damn long. And while the editor aimed to focus on the 3 Ds, only Ann Driscoll merits the time. Jack Black is the definition of hammy here, and Adrian Brody sleepwalks his performance. I appreciate that GEKKO wanted to emulate the 30s version, but this does not resemble that. At best, I can say this is watchable, more so if you are a fan of the 2005 Jackson movie.

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