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(Updated: September 13, 2012)
July 7, 2010

In this review, when I make references to the “original version” etc of this movie, I mean the 2005 original movie. If I mean the 1933 version, I will state it as such.

I decided to watch this edit because I just didn’t like the original movie that much. Too long, too bloated and a too meandering plot. I wanted to give the movie another go in the form of a fan edit.

I agree with Blackhawk’s review. I liked the idea behind the edit and it is definitely carried off well.

The edit excised all the stuff that irked me about the original, but doesn’t go far enough, for me. I realize, however, I have never liked this movie and edit doesn’t improve my personal opinion about “King Kong”. I’m not faulting Gekko or his edit, but the original movie is just one of those movies that disappoints me, in whatever format/version.

I absolutely loved this edit in B&W and helped improve my dismal opinion of the original.

I noticed the artifacts in this edit as well, and am not sure if this was intentional to create a more old-time B&W movie feel or if is due to the over-compressed video. In the long run, it bothered me. The DVD does have a Gb of used space and could have well serve this edit.

Like a few other edits I have watched from here, it seemed like the “dust” and “scratched” film effects were a bit too overused here. I want them there, but less than presented in this edit.

Again, fans of the original (i.e. the 2005) movie will more than likely appreciate this edit and like it more than I.
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