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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
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April 19, 2011

This review is based on my opinions and my own personal viewing experience, nothing is meant as an attack. Spoiler warning.

VIDEO: I watched this on my laptop monitor and the quality looked perfect to me, I never noticed any artifacting or anything like that.

AUDIO: Audio quality was just fine to me, i listened to this on my headphones even and nothing stood out. Well done!

EDITING: The story is told quite well, the plot is coherent, I did not feel that anything was missing. The only thing i didnt like was a slightly abrupt fade out/in scene transition, i know why it was done but i wouldn’t have made that move if it was my edit, this is a very minor gripe however.

ENTERTAINMENT: I found this to be very enjoyable, i like how the story seems to focus on the main charachter, and we follow the story with him, this makes things more engaging.

Very well done Gatos! 9/10
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