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(Updated: February 21, 2013)
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I tried watching this last year but wasn't digging it. When I heard Leeroy later made a custom Tarantino commentary for this edit I felt I should give it another shot.

Firstly, I was quite let down with the commentary. There are some awesome tidbits from QT but it felt really all over the place. And I'm a stickler for audio levels and audio quality when it comes to commentaries (just talk to Juice about the things I'd insist on when mixing commentaries). The quality was very poor. I can understand that probably everything came from interviews on YouTube or other sites, but it could have been cleaned up or at least rendered/re-encoded better. And the levels really threw me for a loop at times. The movie's audio was too loud and often drowned out the commentary. And all the movie audio seemed to be coming out of the right speaker with the commentary balanced between left and right. And some of the audio editing in the commentary was abrupt and jarring.

I put up with the flaws because I love QT interviews. Non die-hard QT fans can skip it.

As far as the narrative for the movie goes, it felt incredibly unbalanced. Video editing was fine though.

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