Killer Bride: The Japanese Cut

Killer Bride: The Japanese Cut
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Fanedit Running Time:
108 minutes
Time Cut:
100 minutes
Brief Synopsis:
This version of Kill Bill combines the two volumes and removes the characters of Budd, Elle and Vernita. The focus of the edit is the Japanese segment, placing O-Ren Ishii behind the attempted murder of the Bride.
Being a fan of the Kill Bill films this is my third fanedit of Tarantino's epic series. For each fanedit I hope there are enough differences to make each one unique and different to one another. The edit hopefully implies that the events that unfold are nothing more than a coma induced dream. Certain events that really happened have been converted into Black and White. The more fantasy elements, like taking down the Crazy 88 alone, could now been interpreted as events that never actually took place.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
key cuts
- Gogo bar scene
- the story regarding the fish
- bill saying goodbye to the bride before seeing Pai Mei
- the speech about superman
- the truth serum dart
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