Killer Bride (Extended Cut), The

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Killer Bride (Extended Cut), The
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The Bride wakes up after a long coma. The baby that she carried before entering the coma is gone. The only thing on her mind is to have revenge on the assassination team that betrayed her – a team she was once part of.
Being a fan of Kill Bill and Tarantino films in general I wanted to combine the Kill Bill films giving it a run time more suited to previous Tarantino films. The one thing that always disappointed me about the kill bill that it was split into two movies for this edit I wanted to create a version of Kill Bill l that I would have liked to have seen at the cinema. While the Showdown at House of Blue Leaves segment has been added a lot has been removed from this segment. Sophie’s character has been reduced while a lot of the subtitles have been removed. O-Ren Ishii back story also hasn’t been included as I’ve always felt that her character was given too much information compared to other more important characters. the wedding rehearsal scene has now been included at the start of the film.
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  • DVD
  • Digital
Cuts and Additions:
Vol. 1
removed Micheal Parks scene
removed Elle visiting the bride in hospital
removed attempted rape scene
removed Elle’s whistling scene
removed the brides get-a-way
removed the bleeping of the brides name
removed subtitles during O-ren Ishii battle with the bride
removed the history of the Hattori Hanzo Sword
GO-GO is now a mute

removed Micheal Parks scene from Vol.2
removed Bill making a sandwich telling the story of the pet goldfish
removed the bride putting B.B. to bed
removed Bill truth poison dart serum
removed Bill’s superman speech
removed the scene of the bride confronting the assassin at the hotel
new end of credits removing the characters that weren’t included in the film
removed all chapter sections
Cover art by Leeroy (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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(Updated: May 24, 2014)
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Just watched this last night, couldn't imagine a better movie to be fan-edited after reading the synopsis and thinking about it. Volume 1 was freaking awesome in the theater, Tarantino's comeback of sorts (more like "that pulp ficiton guy makes movies still?!") or (only his 4th f'ng movie????). who knew you could go from gimps and afros to STELLAR kung fu choreographed by Yuen "the matrix" "once upon a time in chine?" Woo Ping!!

Vol. 2. in the the theaters: one year later, now that the excitement of a new tarantino movie has settled. it's okayy, somewhat of a letdown. the big Kill Bill moment had NO KUNG-FU starring David Kung-Fu Carradine. Well there was the trailer park fight, elle one-eye driver losing her one eye, cool. The burial scene, michael madsen acting again yeah, pai mei sweeet. But killing bill involved 5 seconds of karate boooo.

On top of that the movie is schizoid as f'k jumping all over the place chronologically, narratively, perspectively. So it was fun but The Killer Bride is how it was meant to be download it.

Add on: This review is for The Killer Bride (Extended Edition), after watching the trailer's I felt this was the One.

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