Kill Bill Vol.1: The Uncut Japanese Version

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Brief Synopsis:
This is the uncensored Japanese SD-DVD cut of 'Kill Bill Vol.1', reconstructed using the censored HD-Blu-Ray cut as the basis.
I was unsatisfied that my preferred cut of Kill Bill, that I've been happily watching on DVD for a decade, has still not recieved an HD upgrade. So I decided to make the next best thing, using every frame of HD that I could.
Additional Notes:
All unique frames, shots and scenes have been sourced from the DVD, so are still in SD. I have therefore presented this at 720p, rather than full 1080p so the difference is not so obvious. I've also added the subtitles for the non-English dialogue scenes in the distinctive same yellow-on-black style as other Tarantino movies.
Other Sources:
Kill Bill Vol.1 UK Blu-Ray
Kill Bill Vol.1 Japanese DVD
Release Information:
Special Features
1280x546 MP4
5.1 English AC3
Editing Details:
I placed the Blu-Ray on a seperate layer to the DVD in Sony Vegas, and then rearranged or slightly trimmed it to exactly match. In an effort to keep as much HD as possible, when a shot was longer in the Japanese version, I've only added the missing frames rather than replace the whole shot. Also in some cases I've blended frames together when only parts of the image needed replacing.
Cuts and Additions:
00.00.00 - Replaced Miramax Titlecard with Japanese Version
00.00.41 - Replaced 'Klingon Proverb' with 'Kinji Fukasaku' dedication
00.00.49 - Added 1 black frame
00.04.26 - Replaced 'EFX Group' credits with 'I.G., Tokyo' credit
00.05.07 - Added 5 black frames
00.05.46 - Removed 1 frame as Vernita opens the door
00.09.50 - Removed 33 frames from the start of the overhead shot of the kitchen
00.10.00 - Replaced rest of overhead shot with 3 alternate angles (41 frames longer)
00.13.54 - Removed 1 frame of Vernita's face
00.25.12 - Added 12 black frames
00.35.58 - Added 1 black frame
00.37.24 - Added 2 shots of face crushing (86 frames)
00.41.28 - Added 1 frame of sword in chest and replaced shot of O-Ren with alternate angle (3 frames longer)
00.41.32 - Added bloody mouth shot (96 frames longer)
00.41.36 - Added slightly closer shot of O-Ren (96 frames)
00.41.48 - Added shot of disembowling (42 frames)
00.41.49 - Extended shot of sword being pulled out by 1 frame from each end
00.41.50 - Moved silhouette shot forward
00.41.50 - Extended shot of 1st blood splash by 4 frames
00.41.52 - Extended lamp-shade shot by 1 frame
00.41.53 - Extended silhouette shot by 1 frame
00.41.53 - Added 5 more frames of blood gushing
00.41.55 - Added closeup of Boss' face (48 frames)
00.41.57 - Added 1 frame of O-Ren and adjusted shot to match closer Japanese framing
00.42.01 - Added shot of Boss dying a closeup of his torn stomach (148 frames)
00.42.07 - Added 1 frame of the bed and adjusted shot to match closer Japanese framing
00.44.03 - Added 15 black frames
00.44.27 - Removed 1 frame of kick still
00.50.53 - Removed 1 frame before trapdoor opens
00.56.38 - Added 9 black frames
00.59.11 - Added 3 black frames
01.00.56 - Added 16 more frames of guts spilling onto the floor
01.14.56 - Replaced 15 frames of O-Ren's eyes with 15 more frames of blood gushing from Sophie's arm
01.00.56 - Added 16 more frames of blood gushing from Sophie's arm
01.17.22 - Added 2 shots of girl bleeding from the mouth and The Bride (71 frames)
01.17.23 - Removed 11 frames of The Bride
01.17.25 - Removed 1 frame of The Bride pulling out sword
01.17.44 - Removed 1 frame before Gogo steps into shot
01.23.24 - Extended long shot of The Bride by 6 frames
01.23.25 - Added 3 shots of The Brige fighting (49 frames)
01.23.27 - Extended shot of The Bride by 2 frames
01.23.34 - Extended shot of The Bride by 9 frames
01.23.34 - Added shot of The Bride flipping over (57 frames)
01.23.37 - Extended shot of The Bride by 1 frame
01.23.38 - Replaced Censored Black & White 'House Of Leaves Fight' with Uncut Colour version (467 frames, or 19 seconds longer)
01.29.15 - Removed 1 frame of The Bride hanging from the balcony
01.41.17 - Extended 1 shot and added 3 more shots of Sophie's other arm being cut off (242 frames)
01.41.27 - Removed 1 frame of Sophie's face
01.42.46 - Added 2 black frames
01.44.18 - Added 7 black frames
01.44.31 - Replaced 'I.G., Tokyo' credit with 'EFX Group' credits
01.51.38 - Removed 2 frames of the Miramax logo
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE) image

Alternate Cover art (Feat. Original Japan Poster) by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE) image

Demo showing the kind of missing shots that are only in this version (Password: