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(Updated: May 24, 2014)
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I've been trying to track down a copy of the 1280x720 mp4 of this for ages. Promises in the FE listing of "For the first time in high definition" and "Intention: To present an HD version" were the reason I was super excited to see this. I LOVE 'Kill Bill'!

I've owned the uncut Japanese DVDs of 'Kill Bill' since the film came out but there shaby image quality has meant I've always been on the look out for an HD upgrade (I also own the regular Blu-Rays). I figured Dr. Sapirstein had somehow tracked down an HD version of those cuts, perhaps from a rare import BR or an HD TV broadcast?

Well turns out he hasn't, this is the exact same sub-SD source as I've owned for years (Sad face). So if seeing the Japanese colour footage in glorious HD is the reason you want to see this edit... then don't bother.

However this is also a recut, to be like Tarantino's 'Whole Bloody Affair'. On that front it's much more successful, on it's intentions at least. Personally, I feel it doesn't work as this is essentially the same two films glued together, all action, then suddenly all talking.... but that's Tarantion's fault. The material would benefit from being edited in an order that flows better as one evenly paced film.

The audio editing is perfect but I've knocked a point off the mostly marvelous Visual Editing. This is because the Pei-Mei footage is of such low quality (Even lower than the Japan DVD KB material) that it really spoils that section of the film, plus the way the Damoe deleted scene is intergrated wasn't to my tastes.

Do I reccomend it? If you want to see a glimpse of Quentin's WBA cut, then sure.

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