Kill Bill: Cinemassacre at Two Pines

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Brief Synopsis:
A realization of the "Cinemassacre Edit", as described in the YouTube link at the end of this description.
Commissioned by adamcarter of myspleen, this edit aims to create as closely as possible, the "Cinemassacre Edit" of Kill Bill, restructuring Volumes 1 and 2 into a more satisfying 172-minute film. As original detailed, the Cinemassacre Edit runs just over two hours and 15 minutes. However, he was too vague in describing some of the excisions for me to know precisely what was removed in his edit, so I've left scenes more or less intact here, while sticking closely the structure he laid out in the YouTube video. I personally think it plays fantastically at 172-minutes, and I didn't want to chip away at Tarantino's terrific dialogue more than absolutely necessary to achieve the new narrative backbone of this cut - hence the time discrepancy between this and what the video described.
Other Sources:
A single piece of audio was stolen from "Blade Runner: The Final Cut" for one scene/audio transition. It just happened to be precisely what I needed.
Special Thanks:
To adamcarter, for the fantastic gig in creating this edit, and your passion to see this vision fully realized.
Release Information:
  • Digital
  • Blu-Ray
Editing Details:
Most of the "approach" I took with this edit can be more thoroughly explained by watching the YouTube video linked to at the end of this edit's entry.
Cuts and Additions:
New structure is roughly as follows:

1. Wedding rehearsal intro from Vol. 2.
2. Main Title treatment from the end of Vol. 2 with "Battle without Honor or Humanity" underlaid.
3. Chapel post-mortem scene from Vol 1.
4. Five-point palm exploding heart technique story and meeting Pai-Mei from Vol. 2.
5. Ellie Driver assassination attempt at hospital from Vol. 1.
6. Flashback of Pai-Mei from Vol. 2 continues.
7. Bride waking up in hospital (black and white inserts from Bride's head shot inserted into flashbacks of Bill) from Vol. 1.
8. Stealing the "Pussy Wagon".
9. Trip to Okinawa, attainment of the sword, and Oren's introduction from Vol. 1.
10. Anime sequence from Vol 1.
11. Bill warning Bud from Vol 2.
12. The Bride vs. Vernita Green from Vol 1.
13. The Bride buried alive from Vol. 2.
14. Bud and Ellie's talk in his trailer from Vol. 2.
15. Flashback to The Bride's escape from the grave (Pai-Mei training shots inserted) from Vol. 2.
16. The Bride vs. Ellie Driver from Vol. 2.
17. The fight at The House of Blue Leaves (The Bride vs. Oren) from Vol. 1.
18. Drive to Bill's house / Bride vs. Bill from Vol. 2.
19. Flashback to Vernita Green's daughter (with "Lonely Shepherd" underlaid) from Vol. 1.
20. Credits from Vol. 2 with "Lonely Shepherd" continuing.

All "bleeped" references to The Bride's name have been cut / edited around. Major scene excisions include Bud's scene at the strip club, the Bride torturing Sophie, and the flashback to the pregnancy test, among others.
Re-editing Kill Bill

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