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Brief Synopsis:
Simply Kick-Ass without all of the F-bombs and other swears outside of the "sh,t"s and "SOB"s as well as most of the sexual stuff. Other than that, the movie is still intact.
I wanted to make the movie seem less like it was written by a twelve year old boy. Where I live, the ratings are either 14A [PG-13] or 18A [R] which mostly depends on two things:

1. Is there more than one F-bomb and/or C-bomb?
2. Are there any sex scenes? If so, how explicit are they?

Canada's rating system is quite lenient when it comes to violence except for movies like Kill Bill or Dredd which automatically get 18A [R] ratings from the violence, so I've left in all of the crazy action sequences.
Additional Notes:
This may be an improvement to some people, it was more of a personal project of mine but I thought I'd share it and see if anyone's interested.
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Editing Details:
Used Lightworks again, great free editor and the pro version is worth the investment.
Cuts and Additions:
1. Cut every F-bomb, C-bomb and all outrageously dirty or crude lines.
2. Cut every sexual reference and sex scene save for one scene at the beginning which was still heavily trimmed.

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