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This was a really fun time. I only saw the Whedon and Snyder cut once in full and have seen the incredible Spence fan edit since then so my recollection of the color correction of the original footage is hazy. However, the image quality is superb, as is the sound.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of either officlal cuts of JL, though I consider the Snyder cut superior if only because it's a more consistent and seamless vision of the film. It also as more fleshed out character narratives for Cyborg and Flash. Cyborg especially sticks out as the nominal protagonist of the Snyder cut but is a complete non-entity in the Whedon cut. The main flaw of the Snyder cut is that is it overly long with padded out storytelling, sequel setups that will go nowhere and the usual atrocious overuse of dramatic slow-mo common of Snyder's work. His Superman also continues to be awful.

This edit mainly uses the Whedon cut Superman, a more lighthearted and funny incarnation. This version however also suffer from being underused by the narrative, A consequence of the character's death in BVS that can't be changed unfortunately. The infamous CGI upperlip also has to be contended with, nothing to do about it.

A good word to describe this edit is breezy. The seamless fusion of both version into a whole makes for a fast-paced and action packed adventure. Opening the film with the Amazon attack and following the title card with an amazing dream flashback to Superman's death with appropriately grim colors for that sequence was the kick in the butt both versions of the OG film needed to put the film into high gear.

I admit being baffled by the placement of "don't fear the reaper". The audio editing and the cover of the song selected were exquisite, but the song itself didn't land with me. More successful was the use of 'Hurt", "The Grid" from Tron: Legacy (as Cyborg's theme) and the fistpumping and cheestastic use of "You're the best". Sincerely, all the music mixing and tinkering bar that first example landed with me.

On the villain front, Steppenwolf was never much of a major villain in the comics and he isn't much of a villain here either. He's noticeably better than the Whedon version (though this edit uses that version) through the use of inserted dialogue of the Snyder cut to give him his Snyder motivation. Though the "Mother" talks rear its way in a bit too much for me.

BionicBob's cut has 3 mid-credits scenes. I disapprove of the first one, since there never will be a Justice League vs Darkseid film in this continuity it feels like unfulfilled sequel baiting. The second one is perfect and the third is a cheeky morsel to BionicBob's future edits.

The Unity Edition is the right name to describe this cut. Probably the best possible bridge between the two official cut and would a surely fared better than Whedon's version in theatres. Unfortunately, we will never know.

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