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Having grown up during the Comic Bronze Age, I was waiting to watch this edit, and it has surpassed my expectations.

Just in two words: A masterpiece.

BionicBob has accomplished a truly entertaining and wonderful edit of both JL movies, a real pleasure for the senses and it really makes "JUSTICE" to the comics of the above mentioned Age.

Since the very beginning I was hooked, I really love the flashbacks with Lois and Superman from BvS, they really match the interpretation of Superman with whom I grew up, now he is not a dark superhero, he is the light, he is the way it is supposed to be , he is a beacon for humanity, he is a symbol of hope.

The tone, the pacing, the colour grading and the music selection are just great.

The new colour grade fits very well with BionicBob's vision of the JL, and it is an homage to the 80s movies in where the blue tone was predominant, I really love it.

The music selection, from "(Don't) Fear the Ripper" to "Hurt" and the epic music cue from Tron: Legacy for Victor Stone make this edit a much better version of both JL movies. And of course "You're the best" from Karate Kid in the final act is pure emotion.

While watching this edit, I did not miss any of the scenes that are on both JL versions, the pacing is very good and it builds up the hype for the final act, the confrontation with Steppenwolf.

Also, I did like the humour scenes that BionicBob has left from the JL TC, they fit very well, because at the end this is an homage to the Bronze Age.

From now on, BionicBob's Justice League edit will be my go-to version.

If you have grown up in the 70s and the 80s or if you are a true fan of DC comics, this edit is a must watch.

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