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I totally enjoyed this version of the film! The right amount of scenes were edited into (or out of) the Snyder cut, and the cuts and edits were done and worked very well. The movie flows by and the decision to make the Flash almost the only one making jokes works really well (many of the other heroes' jokes scenes were cut) and gives him a more unique character. Also, Aquaman showing his human side sympathizing whit Cybor losing his father in different scenes shows more of his character. And finally keeping most scenes where the heroes literally act like heros (e.g. making saving innocents important to them) gives this movie more like a hero movie feel to it and makes it easier to root for them instead of just making them seem like a bunch of depressed people doing stuff together just for the hell of it (as it seems more to me in the original Snyder cut).
I could not detect any technical flaws, neither on the visual nor on the audio side, so I must and want to give this edit my full endorsement and recommend it to everyone who did not like the theatrical and/or the Snyder's cut since it somehow connects the best of both worlds without staying too long on a specific "impressionistic" scene (e.g. cemetary scenes etc.). A clear go from my side! :)

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