Justice League Reborn

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Justice League Reborn
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A more streamlined Justice League cut with added deleted scenes from trailers and bonus material. I’ve tried to keep it in the spirit of the previous films as much as possible, while still keeping the lighter tone. This is to improve the balance between the Joss Whedon reshoots and what Zack Snyder originally shot.
Like many DC fans, I was a little let down by Justice League. Though overall it was a fine movie which I had a lot of fun with, it did miss the style and emotion that we have come expect with from Zack Snyder’s DC films. The intention of this cut is to slightly tweak it so it fits with the established characterization from MOS and BvS while also restoring several deleted scenes back in the film that were shown in the promotional material of JL. The most important thing about this cut is that it’s a cohesive film and not further Frankenstein it by removing and changing major scenes and dialogue. Another important thing is that it stays true to the canon established by the theatrical cut, so it won’t create further inconsistencies when future films references back to this film. It’s not perfect, it will never be perfect with the material given, but for me this cut is a more satisfying experience of the third installment of the Zack Snyder trilogy and hopefully for other fans as well.

In short: If you liked Justice League and want it to look a little bit more like the previous films and has less out of place humor, then this is the cut for you.
Other Sources:
- Man of Steel (the complete score)
- Batman v Superman original score
- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate edition
- Justice League Trailer 1
- Justice League Comic Con trailer
- Justice League Heroes trailer
- Bonus scene: The return of superman
- Heroes by Gang of Youths
Special Thanks:
Everyone at /r/DC_cinematic for providing feedback and ideas during the making of this edit.
Release Information
Special Features
- 1080p with 5.1. Dolby Digital Surround Sound
- 720p with stereo audio
Editing Details:
The core of the film won’t change and there won’t be any major additions either. So no Darkseid or anything of the leaked storylines from Zack Snyder’s original cut/script. Most of batman’s jokes have been cut to make his characterization more in line with BvS. Cut the Russian family subplot for the most part. Cut out most of the obvious reshoots that were shot in front of a green screen and awkwardly added into Zack Snyder’s scenes. Added Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel score to highlight a few poignant scenes. Color graded the entire film to match the visual style first trailer.
Cuts and Additions:
- Added “Men are still good” in the opening logos
- Cut the opening superman scene (moved the audio of the scene to the credits. I thought the exchange in the scene itself was fine, the problem was the way the scene looked This way it is and it isn’t still in the film)
- Cut the criminal jumping into frame and asking questions while batman is investigating the parademons in the opening batman scene
- Cut out “can you point me the way to atlantis” in the Aquaman/Batman first meet scene
- Cut the awkward green screen shot with Aquaman standing in the water
- Re-edited the moment Aquaman jumps into water
- Cut down the alien stole my husband scene
- Rescored the Lois/Martha scene with “Lois & Clark’s emotional theme” from Man of Steel
- Cut out the thirstiest reporter joke in the Martha/Lois scene
- Cut out the brunch joke in the Batman/Flash first meet scene
- Added BvS cyborg footage when Wonder Woman is investigating Luthor’s files
- Replaced the shot of Aquaman floating in the water with the comic-con trailer
- Cut down the Russian family scene 1
- Replaced the shot of batman standing on the gargoyle with the comic-con trailer
- Cut out “I didn’t bring a sword” and replaced it with “My turn” from Justice League trailer 1
- Cut out “Jesus he is tall”
- Cut out Flash falling on Wonder Woman’s chest
- Replaced the cyborg shot in the nightcrawler with the Comic con trailer
- Added Gordon’s line “Playing well with others AGAIN”
- Added the shot facing Gordon and Batman in the “dressed like a bat scene” from comic con trailer
- Cut out the Russian family scene 2
- Added the man of steel piano notes when Superman sees his monument
- Cut out “Kal el no!” from Wonder woman in the Superman vs the league scene
- Cut out “Something is definitely bleeding”
- Cut out “Itchy”
- Added the “ring” scene from the Heroes trailer
- Rescored the Lois/Clark/Martha reunion scene with an unused track from the man of steel score
- Cut out the Russian family scene 3
- Added the bonus scene
- Cut down the Russian family scene 4
- Cut out the “ooh snap” line from the flash
- Replaced the shot of the awkward smile batman gives
- Cut down the “I don’t not…” exchange between batman and superman
- Cut out “This is definitely east” form the flash
- Cut out the shot where Batman is so incredibly concerned if “Clark!” is still alive
- Cut out “I can feel my toes” scene
- Rescored the final montage with a variation of “What are you going to do when you are not saving the world”
- Cut out superman flying up in the sky
- Added the audio of the superman phone footage after Come Together by Gary Clark Jr
- Added Heroes by gangs of youth after the Superman phone footage audio clip

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Before I begin; this is much better than the theatrical version of Justice League. I do recommend this if you want a better version.

The audio sounded fine, no unusual pops or jarring cracks from editing. Not many anyway. A few bits of cut dialog sounded odd, but I can't describe it. For instance, near the beginning of the movie, when Alfred tells Batman he "doesn't recognize this world", I'm fairly sure a line was removed, which leads a jarring sentence "Ah yes, we have his address" or something of the sort. It didn't flow well. Small things like this, nothing that took away my enjoyment, and nothing a quick touch-up wouldn't fix.

The visual editing is much better, none of the scenes stood out to me. There were a few times where it was obvious the scene was meant to be longer, or a shot was meant to hang a little longer than it was in this cut, but again, it wasn't something that lowered my enjoyment at all. Overall, for a first edit, this was very well made.

The narrative is still fine. On paper, the story works and is unique enough from other superhero flicks that it engages you and makes you overlook the cheap CG and the tired acting of Affleck and Momoa. Overall, the editor did not tamper too much with it, and that is a big kudos. Too many people feel like they need to change around the entire story, and it shows restraint when you can manage to streamline it instead.

Enjoyment is going to be lower (as I suspect with a lot of later reviews), for the simple fact that no edit can change this much disappointment. A poor follow-up to Batman v Superman: Ultimate Cut, and 2017's Wonder Woman film. But, the editor has succeeded in making a version I can honestly say was better than the original. Unfortunately I feel like there was a lot that could have been trimmed from this still to make it truly Reborn.

I 100% recommend this if you have or have not seen Justice League already, no matter what faults I had with the edit.

QUICK UPDATE: I incorrectly marked A/V quality as 7. I meant to have that as a 9 and have edited accordingly. Movie looked great!

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Thanks for the great review! One quick note though, I did not cut anything from the plane scene. I think that speaks more to the poorly put together theatrical cut, since a lot of was cut and edited to fit within WB's 2 hour mandate. The film is a disjointed product of 2 very different directors. But I am glad that I could make a better version for you to enjoy. :)

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