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Let me catch my breath... I just got done watching this and it was incredible. I have watched Whedon's and Zack's versions in the past. I was not thrilled with Josh's to say the least. Zack's is an excellent version and the 4 hours did not feel like 4 hours. He filled in all the gaps that Josh neglected. So I was very skeptical to whether this 2 hour and 13 minute movie could in any way rival what was my favorite version. Short answer, this is an awesome version. I do not use that word lightly. I love movies but I can be maybe overly critical if they don't hit all the bases with me. This movie is an inside the park grand slam home run. Ok, enough with the compliments.

Why is it so friggin good you may ask?

Firstly, the soundtrack is perfect. Gieferg outdid the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie's soundtrack. The callbacks, the oldies, the on-the-nose songs, they were all just great. This soundtrack just keeps you on your heels and adds so much to the movie. The soundtrack is for a slightly older crowd but so was Guardian's and that movie is beloved by all age groups.

Secondly, his editing was great. Gieferg took out almost 1/2 the original runtime and somehow what he left was a very compelling, non-stop, exciting, and satisfying movie. I thought Zack's was great because he took the time to flesh out all the characters which gave the story and ending more meaning. You care more about character's you understand. This version, even with the shortened runtime, still left me satisfied in so many ways. The pacing is great. I never wanted to take my eyes off the screen. I was so afraid I was going to miss something. While writing this I can't help but wonder if I never watched either of the official versions would I feel the same way. Subconsciously, even though certain content is not in this edit, I still know it exists, and I can't help but wonder if I went into this "blind" would I still feel like I understood everything. Truth be told, I think this may be a moot point. I believe most people who come here looking for fanedits, and specifically take the time to acquire this edit, most likely have watched either or both of the official releases, and have those stories in mind while watching this.

Technically speaking the production is seamless. Nothing is jarring or out of place. The sound seems crisp and the video quality is professional grade.

Do I have any criticisms? In the beginning the faux "aged film" effect was a little distracting but somewhere along the way, I would say before the 1/2 way point, I stopped noticing it. I became so immersed in the film and it just was what it was. I don't even know if I would call it a criticism, maybe I just needed to acclimate to the theme. I mean it is a "grindhouse" edit, it kind of comes with the territory.

No spoilers, but "Missing Reels" (when you watch it, you'll know what I mean) is genius. Bravo for that!

If you like Zack's version, or even if you like Josh's, or even if you just like super hero movies, you have to watch this.

I never thought I would be typing this tonight...but THIS is now my preferred version of Justice League.

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