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(Updated: October 13, 2021)
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I'm slightly bias because I love anything Grindhouse but this edit was an absolute joy to watch.

The opening credits were awesome, the colour grading, dust, decaying audio and film effects were great, and the overall feel of this cut transformed the original material to another level.

The added music selection is seriously on point, especially with the use of instrumentals in places but I did feel the only thing that let this version down was the transitions between some songs. While I understand the new score needed to be loud in order to cover the original soundtrack, most songs felt they went on a little too long and could've ended much sooner in the scene to give breathing space to the dialogue. Some earlier additions could've ended a bit smoother too.

I.e. - The Doors track is perfect but should've ended after the bar sequence between Bruce and Aqua man, having it continue during the outdoor scene made for an unnatural transition between the folk singers.

The first scene between Bruce and Diana should've also ended much sooner as it felt like it ended abrupt which pulled me out of the scene. A simple fade out after the flashback could've helped that transition smoother and be less jarring.

It would've been really cool if the music slowed down while the Flash caught the Batarang and continued playing when the scene returned to normal speed.

I've seen Queen "Flash" track being used several times before but you actually got the timing great and it fitted that scene perfectly, imo.

The original Wonder Woman theme song was brilliantly placed and really started this movie off on the right foot, and I’m a sucker for cheesy 80s tracks.

You've really captured what I love about Grindhouse movies and the cheesy ending is now my go to climax

Perfect ending to and awesome edit.

Congratulations on the award, Well deserved.

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