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(Updated: September 26, 2021)
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There are a lot of words that have been used to describe Snyder's Justice League, though I do not think the word "FUN" would the first word out of most peoples mouths.

But all that has now changed with this fan edit.

This is a FUN fan edit.

Gieferg has injected some much needed levity into Snyder's very dour grim & gritty heroics with his grindhouse antics and new musical score.

While not every song choice worked for me, many were indeed inspired, even bordering on genius. Any movie that climaxes with that Bonnie Tyler classic is an instant win for me!

Funny, some have criticized that the music is too loud, while I on the other hand, thought it could have been louder in certain epic sequences. To each their own.

Narratively, I like the restructured scenes, though due to personal taste, there are portions I would have preferred the Whedon cut versions as I prefer his less extreme version of certain characters. I also thought in this style of edit, more could have been trimmed for faster pacing. But again that is all very subjective.

Gieferg successfully meets all his fan edit objectives and creates a very interesting alternate take on Snyder's Justice League.

Well done! :)
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