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I went into this edit hoping that it would redeem this movie for me. I wasn't impressed by the original at all. I felt like it was a promotional tool used to imprint into our minds, each of the DCU characters for whom they had (or would eventually) release multiple movies for individually.

It's a good concept in theory. Similar to the cartoon I watched as a kid. I would get to see all of my favorite good guys beat the smack out of all of my favorite bad guys.

That much was true, but it was assembled into a mess that was not cohesive. It seemed more like a DCU consecution.

I watched every fanedit of the original release that i could get my hands on. At least ten.. Every editor did something that improved the movie for me but they could only do so much with the available material.

I'm sure they were as excited as I was to find out about the Snyder version. When it was released I was very excited. Maybe, that would redeem this mess. It was better but not enough to redeem the movie for me. It was soooooo long.

I knew there would be edits. So I watched for them. I followed the thread for this edit and noticed the feedback given by a couple of editors that I respected. I must admit that I didn't have a clear idea of what "Grindhoused" meant. If it wasn't for the positive feedback from Blue Yoda and Dwight Fry, I might not have asked to see this edit.

That would have been my loss. Gieferg completely redeemed this movie for me. This edit may not be for a purist. It was certainly for me. I loved everything about it. I loved the music choices, I loved that there was so many of my favorite songs incorporated. I got to a point where I was guessing if certain songs like "Children of The Sun" would pop up. It felt like a live action Heavy Metal to me. I feel like the cuts and the direction that the narrative choices took made sense.

Most importantly, Gieferg made this movie entertaining, which it really wasn't originally. At least in my opinion. This is my go to version of this movie. I may never look at the DCU or super hero movies the same way again.

Very very enthusiastically recommended. Good job! I can't wait for your next idea. Congratulations on your much deserved win!

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