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For those who know me it's no secret that despite (or because of) being a lifelong DC fan, I'm very far from a Snyder one, his DC output or otherwise. I dislike his videogame-like style, his over-reliance on CGI, and his self-important grim/emo approach to the superhero genre. Fortunately, along came this edit and injected much needed fun into the source material, and on the way pointed out the high level of cheese in the original film (come on, that store/car crash introductory scene for Flash is laugh out loud corny, it belongs in a spoof of romcoms!)

The choice of songs is spot-on and often hilarious (I even anticipated a few, thinking "will it dare or won't it" - it did!), the editing itself is excellent, and the technical quality is as high as a recreation of old battered film reels allows - something that is *very* hard to do convincingly, in fact. The only shortcoming is that the original score sometimes creeps under the added songs, but I do realize the difficulty of completely cleaning a dialogue channel to get rid of it (it requires the use of massive quantities of filters, and sometimes not even that does the trick) and given the high enjoyability of the final result, it won't be me holding that back against it.

This was a real breath of fresh air, and there's no further need for me to watch Justice League in any other form. THIS is the one version for me from now on. I was around when the classics of grindhouse fanediting first showed up (Jaws the Sharksploitation Edit, War of the Stars I and II, Robots vs. Kung Fu), and I admit that I had missed the style. This one is a more than worthy addition to that pantheon. Not to be missed.
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