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I watched this because of a short preview clip that amused me, featuring Wonder Woman with the original theme from the 70s. But music replacement is easy enough, any hack can do it with a clean center channel. I decided to give this one a try and got the entire 10 gb thing and had no clue how much of a treat I was in for.

With its unassuming and even pretty generic title, "Justice League Grindhoused" is easy to overlook but what Gieferg created is absolutely remarkable. From the custom titles at the beginning to his choice of funky tracks (some might be controversial like the song he used for The Flash in the begining but I like it) to the exceptional sound editing which is more difficult to pull off than you would think in a grindhouse fanedit, this is a must see. Characters have their own themes back, the ones they are known for and I'll never understand why Warner Bros chose to not use them. And the sound editing is on point, this faneditor knows what he's doing. I removed a point because I'm a nitpicker but it's some of the best I've heard.

The editing choices themselves seem apt to me, I never managed to finish the never ending Snyder cut which I think we will all agree is bloated but a gift to faneditors. I don't care much for the DC movie universe, it seems to me that after the success of the Nolan Batman movies everything needed to be dark and broody but to me DC is exactly the opposite. Wonder Woman was fun in the 70s, Batman was cartoony and fun in the Burton films and Christopher Reeves' Superman was colorful and filled with hope. This fanedit injects much needed fun in this movie and most of the time, even though I might have gotten bored in a few places because of some unnecessary action, at least I was tapping my foot to the groovy soundtrack. This fanedit is DC done right. By no fault of the editor some things can't be changed and I'm sad to remove two points from my overall enjoyment but if you consider my score for the original would probably hover around 5/10 this is a massive improvement and quite an achievement for a fanedit. Excellent work.
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