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08-07-2016, 01:45 PM (forgot to post the review here)

Hello my friend =) I've just finished watching your edit and i like it a lot in general =) although I must add a few remarks/suggestions:

- When Claire and her boss visit the Indominus's paddock, when there is the transition for the other scene we can see a bit of a forest for a few seconds. It needs a little trimming there. 00:13:51 to 00:13:56.

- I would add some sort of sound when the female Rex eats the goat, it would be Great! Also mixing a slight T-Rex sounds to the Indominus, since it has Rex DNA, would not be bad I think, It already has Raptor's sound into it, revealed later in that crucial moment when It communicates with them.

- When Owen and Claire go after her nephews and they see a lot of dead Brontosaurus, I wouldn't remove the line "It didn't eat them. It is killing for sport" It would show us that this beast is really, really dangerous and we won't notice that "jump cut" there where you deleted the line.

- I would not entirely remove the "military subplot" behind the Raptors and the Indominus. It shows us that there is something more nastier/major plot going "behind the scenes" and that Henry and Hoskins are corrupts if not villains.
Trimming and cutting here and there YES but removing it all entirely NO, in fact, Henry boarding the chopper with DNA samples gives a hint that this is not over yet, if there is to be another film...
It would also solve that "not so good" rearrangement scene that you did when Owen, Claire and the boys try to go to the lab and you gave a sense that the Raptors pulled out a trap for them. And I personally like to see that son of a bitch being killed by Delta LOL.

- I loved the color correction, the parents subplot removed, control center's stupid comic moments, THE MUSIC (GREAT WORK), the siren when the Pterodactyls attack, The roars and finale MIGHTY ROAR of our beloved female Rex, GREAT WOOORRKKKK too!!!!

I think a covered pretty much all of it. If you make a version 2.8 or 3 lol I would be most thrilled to see how it would look like then.

But in overall I enjoyed it and it feels more like the other Jurassics, especially the first movie =)

Thanks IronMan, for sharing with me. Hug

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