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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
June 13, 2010

I have never seen the original movie, “Mimic”, that this edit is based on. I was only vaguely aware of the movie – one of those I had heard wasn’t great, so I never got around to watching it.

As far as the actual movie, it’s a so-so movie. Watching this edit reminded me why I never wanted to see it (not because of the FE but because of the source material – i.e. the original version). The story is okay, the acting is average and the plot sort of lumbers on in mediocrity. I agree with blueyoda, the movie definitely has an “Alien” and “Them!” feel to it.

As far as the edit, I was very impressed. No where in the FE could I detect any hard cuts or audio edits. For the most part, the edit flowed well. I never felt like I had missed something (because a part of a scene had been edited out). All the scenes (since TMBTM reordered the entire movie) were flawlessly joined. It seemed to me as though I was watching a straight-from-the-store movie.

The video quality is fine and looked great on my 55″ LED TV.

The audio is great and no where in the edit did the dialogue and effects levels become noticeably uneven (unlike many an FE I have watched lately).

I rated this FE as “9 stars” not because of the actual movie, but for the editing. Another great effort from TMBTM.

The movie itself, for me, was kinda ho-hum.
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