Judas Breed, The

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Judas Breed, The
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Brief Synopsis:
This is a shorter version of Mimic by Guillermo Del Toro.
15 minutes are cut, scenes are heavily reorganized in order to make the movie less scattered.
New 2:35:1 aspect ratio, color a bit desaturated.
Mimic is an okay movie from a great director.
The story suffers from some obvious déja-vu feeling (Jurassic Park, Aliens…) but is descent enough to be entertaining.
The directing is nice but the movie is too scattered for my taste.
Always switching from scenes to scenes, letting the audience in the middle of plenty of little average cliffhangers.
In other words, the movie drags a lot.
Add to this a music score that always ends EACH scenes on a high note, in order to create a tension that is just not there
and you end with a movie that has all the elements to be great but makes you cringe too many times.
I tried to cut and reorganized scenes to make, hopefuly, a better progression of the story,

I’m not saying my edit removes all the flaws of the original, but it is a version I personally prefer to watch.
Special Thanks:
Thanks to JMB for providing honest and useful feedback on my workprint.
Release Information
Special Features
Animated main menu and bonus menu.
Animated chapters
- Subtitles: english & french
- Short commentaries on two scenes (one of them is a deleted scene).
- Alternate ending… sort of!
- Trailer
Editing Details:
Some separate scenes are now joined in order to really follow the characters in their actions.
A scene set in the midle of the movie is now put near the begining for better characters exposition.
Several scenes are not presented in the same order of events of the original.
Number of completely deleted scenes: 6
heavily shortened scenes: 3
(See details on the cutlist bellow)

numbers of small cuts removing few seconds all along the movie: about 30
This edit also has:
- a time reversed shot,
- an extended (looped) shot,
- a shot taken from one of my deleted scenes.
- removed voices etc…

The entire movie has been cropped (almost shot by shot) in order to reformatte the 1.85:1 aspect ratio to 2:35:01.
Some new camera movement added for the audience to see everything needed
(plus a little camera shake added when a Judas appears from the ground. That shot can be seen in the Trailer of the edit)
The color has been desaturated a bit, both in order to bring some, I don’t know, “70′s classic feel” to the movie..

Cuts and Additions:
Of a total of 50 scenes, here is the new order of my edit:

Complete deleted scenes:
- 1: The opening credit (some shots now used for the main animated menu of the DVD)
- 2: Suzan and peter at the hospital.
-20: Suzan meets the doctor at the library
-22: Chuy meeting the Judases at night.
-31: Remy and the doctor practicing autopsy of a baby Judas
-32: Happy ending.

Heavily shortened scenes: 12-23-33
Cover art by The Man Behind The Mask (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: October 10, 2014)
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Overview - I saw Mimic during a preview, Del Toro was in attendance to field questions, including the ever popular, "Is this film autobiographical?"
It played well enough that night, and I enjoyed it.
Disillusion set in swift once I bought a copy and watched at home.
Sloppy narrative, poor characters.
(For Sorvino in particular, Mimic was where her slide began.)

Video - Intelligent reconstruction throughout. Good editing and good choices of what to edit.

Audio - Clean 2-channel audio. No subs, but they were unnecessary. All dialogue was decipherable.
- - Amended - - There were subtitles! For whatever reason, Daum wouldn't display them unless I launched from the Bonus (click around those Corn Flakes).

Narrative - This -- this is where the edit gleams, even in the abandoned subway darkness. The story no longer bounces around, as if the flashbacks provided important information, but is more linear, more coherent. The annoying Chuy has been marginalized as much as possible, as has the "baby blues" theme. The "science" of the judas bugs remains sketchy, but this is not the film to overthink.

Enjoyment - For all its gloss and high octane cast, Mimic still cannot escape its cheap B-Horror roots. The last act is little more than a bug hunt and succumbs to cliches. I nursed dark hopes for Chuy in light of previous characters, but alas.

No mistake, though, this is better, much better, than the Del Toro original. Solid late night Horror. Even better if you watch in your friend's roach infested home.

NOTE!! Sit through those credits! Two bonuses await.
Both jewels.

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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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July 28, 2010

Having seen “Mimic” a couple of months back (Netflix) I thought this tight editing job was a substantial improvement. From being a marginally interesting but slightly cringe-inducing derivative genre pic this became quite a good addition to my bug-hunt library. It has a much better flow now and keeps the story moving forwards. Plus it kept my wife entertained (and scared) without driving her off to watch a chick-flick in another room, and it has that funny, cleverly assembled, “alternate ending”, which has to be worth half a star right there! No need to ever watch the original again. So let’s say 7.5 / 10. Well done TMBTM for a thoroughly professional facelift of what would otherwise be at best a 5 / 10 movie experience.

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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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August 8, 2010

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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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July 18, 2010

It was as boring as the original. I expected a lot more and found myself disappointed.

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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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June 28, 2010

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